Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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We've all grown. Past everything, we've all grown, and we've all grown together. Opinions have changed and yet we're all still us.
Inside, Isabella Cullen the Vampire is still somehow Bella Swan the Human.
Inside, Edward Mathony Masen Cullen is still the over-protective and loving father and husband, but has grown to become more normal than he ever believed possible.
Renesmee has grown to be as smart as a 30 year old and as large as a 12 year old. On the inside, she's still the playful and lovely little newborn baby girl.
Jacob on the inside, is still Bella's playful and stuborn best friend but has grown to love and has grown to appreciate.
Everyone has grown to love us, and we have learned to love each other. Our strong relationship that people would look at in awe and not understand, has gotten more complicated and intertwined.
We're a family, and we love each other.

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